Earthened Silence

My work comes into being from a lost spermatozoid which by constantly mutating is trying to seduce. It adopts all possible shapes by its coquetry. Thus the name 'morph' originated. Morphing is a computer technique used for graphics and in films, in which one image is gradually transformed into another image without individual changes being noticeable in the process.

By being able to destroy the whole planet and itself for the first time since the beginning of its existence, my so-called 'morphs' take advantage of this self-destruction to build their new world. In this way they strive to fill the resulting emptiness, not only physically but also emotionally. For my 'morphs' we are not heading for an end but for a new beginning. They show a world behind the scenes. They open our eyes to the forms of life that will populate our world after a new Big Bang.

New creations are created: tripods, khums, chimeras… Essentially they are archeological finds from the future. In my studio our 'being' is not only 'interpreted' (=translated/transcribed) but also transported into another time. In short, my work is 'anticipative archeology', passion grown in fire. My work is also associative. It makes you think as if it were symbolic poetry. As in psychoanalysis is it about 'free' association. The viewer states without thinking what he feels when he is looking. While he is thinking about it, deeper and unconscious insights are released. These insights reveal more about him than about me.